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    Clean, responsive storefront boilerplate.
    (No database or backend.)

Why SimpleStore?

Have a small store up and running in minutes not days.

Easy setup

It's just HTML/CSS/JS so you can throw it up on any server and you are good to go.

Mobile Responsive

Built on Skeleton Framework, so it's fast and fully mobile responsive.

Easily Customizable

It's a clean slate to start from. Customize SimpleStore to your needs.


SimpleStore's core is open source, so you have the community behind you.


No Backend

No Databases, all client-side (just simple HTML, CSS & Javascript)

Lightweight & Fast

Built on Skeleton Framework & simpleCart.js, so it's fast

Tax Rate Calculations

Fully customizable tax rate calculations.

Unlimited product attributes

Adjust product attributes to your clients needs.


Multiple shipping methods built in.

Multiple Currencies

Plenty of currencies already baked in.

Payment Gateways

Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments come standard.

Shopping Cart

Auto shopping cart built in.

Google Sheets Plugin

Run your entire store from a Google Sheet using the Google Sheet plugin.

And much more!

Tons more features & plugins check out...

Download SimpleStore

Get started! Check out the demo

or check out the Google Sheets demo

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